Why Leading Hospitals, Research and Industrial Facilities Count on CST Mechanical

Plumbing replacement and retrofits in existing, occupied spaces is a challenge that requires specialized expertise to minimize impacts to operations.  Often the existing plumbing is incorrectly documented, if as-built drawings even exist.

That’s where CST Mechanical comes in. Our crews do extensive research to identify what infrastructure is currently in place, and what will be impacted by work on part of the system. CST Technicians don’t make assumptions – we’ll go hand-over-hand to follow every pipe to ensure that a plumbing shut down in one area doesn’t impact other floors and departments.

Our team utilizes a design-build approach to ensure we think outside the box and develop a solution that works, and is well documented for future maintenance needs.

When you need the work done correctly the first time, and a solution that lasts, call CST Mechanical.