Medical Gas, Electrical and Other Systems

CST Mechanical is your one-stop vendor for medical environment mechanical system needs.  Whether retrofitting a system designed 30 years ago or updating an OR suite, our team has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.  We specialize in medical environments, air delivery, medical gas, electrical and plumbing needs, often in spaces alongside occupied spaces.

Our crews work 24-7 to get projects completed quickly, with the minimum possible disruption or impact.  Our maintenance division works either on-site as in-house crews, or on demand with a fast, professional response.  Because we handle all aspects of mechanical systems, there is no waiting for a sub contractor or other vendor – we can control the timeline, budget, and overall project, ensuring the job is done right from the start.

There’s a reason facilities like Sentara Health and Children’s Hospital of the Kings Daughters count on CST Mechanical.  From clean suite ceilings to certified medical gas installations, we are the medical center experts. Contact us today about your new project or maintenance requirements.